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What Accessories Do I Need For My New DSLR – 3 Essentials For Beginners

You might be asking yourself “What accessories do I need as a beginner photographer with a new DSLR?”. We break down the essential accessories that you need for your new DSLR as a beginner. 

These 3 accessories are absolutely essential: 

1. Battery

Why you NEED to have spare batteries.

The battery is the life force of your camera. It’s as simple as that. You might be the best photographer in the world and come across the best scene in your life, but if your camera has a dead battery you’re not going to capture anything. 

So ALWAYS pack an extra charged battery. This is especially important if you are shooting for someone else. You CANNOT afford to run out of charge on a battery and be in the middle of a shoot with no spares!

Different brands will use different batteries. Most modern DSLRs do however use Lithium ion batteries (Li-ion) which are rechargeable.

Batteries are essential but luckily you have plenty of options. 

Which batteries should I buy?

There will be own brand batteries to fit your camera, but they will be more expensive. However you can also buy third party brands which can be a lot cheaper. However, it may invalidate your camera’s warranty should anything happen. 

It is up to you whether you would like to stick to your own brand versions. 

E.g Canon battery for a Canon camera.

Since there are so many different batteries for different camera models we won’t link any particular ones here.

How many batteries should I have?

We would recommend having AT LEAST 1 or 2 spare batteries. If you expect to be on the road for a long time without access to charging facilities, you would want more batteries. But if you are just an average beginner, then 1 or 2 spares will be fine. 

If you don’t have somewhere safe in a camera bag to store your batteries, then you may also want to get yourself a battery holder to protect them. This will ensure that the contacts on the batteries are not exposed or damaged

2. SD card 

Why do you need to be prepared with SD Cards?

SD cards are just as important as a battery. Without an SD card you physically cannot store any photos on your DSLR. So DON’T forget to buy one.

The worst thing is turning up to a shoot and you’re there with the perfect timing and lighting. You start to shoot and…

…your camera has no SD card in it. Don’t do it to yourself. Be prepared. 

How many SD cards should I have for my DSLR?

If you have too many small storage SD cards, you’ll spend too much time emptying and swapping cards. You don’t want to swap your SD card constantly in a shoot now do you?

On the other hand if you only have 1 SD card with everything on it, it can store a lot of memory and you won’t have to swap the card often…

but, if it is full then you need to empty space on it before you can shoot any more and you can’t just swap to another card quickly. On a shoot you don’t want to be spending time emptying an SD card. You just want to focus on taking amazing pictures.

Also, even if you have space, what if you lose it or it just becomes corrupted because this does happen. It’s good for security to have a few SD cards. To start, just having 2 SD cards is fine. As you learn your usage you’ll realise how much storage you need on a regular basis and you can figure it out as you go. 

Which SD cards shall I buy for my DSLR?

For beginners, we would recommend 2 x 32GB SD cards if you are just taking photos.

If you plan to shoot a lot of high quality video, go with 2 X 64GB SD cards instead. You can check price and availability on amazon for some SanDisk SD cards below.

Don’t get lots of SD cards with low storage. But also, don’t just get 1 SD card with high storage. It’s best to get a few medium sized cards.

-Have AT LEAST 32GB storage per SD card.

You might need this too…

Don’t forget to get a card reader for your laptop/desktop if you don’t have an in-built SD card reader on your device.

3. Camera cleaning kit. 

A camera cleaning kit is the camera equivalent of a first aid kit. 

The last thing you want is to spend 100’s of $’s of your hard earned money on a camera and then when you take your camera out for a whirl you see specs of dust in every picture you take.

This can happen easily if you’re in a very windy place with particles that can fly onto the lens. Being by the beach is a good example of where this can happen. You need to have something to remedy the situation if this happens. 

Dust can enter your camera in normal conditions too. You don’t like it when you get something random enter your eye right? It’s infuriating. So help out your camera if it gets dusty. 

Especially since camera cleaning kits are fairly cheap. There’s no excuse not to have one. Even if you are not going to regularly use it, you should at least have access to one in case you need to do some camera first aid. 

You can check the current price and availability for this Camera Cleaning Kit which works fine for beginners.

Now you have all the accessories you need to get yourself going.

We hope you found this helpful! As always we appreciate your time for reading this.
– Photography Pursuits Team