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14 Home Photo Shoot Ideas For Taking Photos Indoors

There’s times where you can’t get outside, but you still want to exercise your photography skills!

Well this post will inspire you with 14 ideas for taking photos indoors so you can continue to take pictures whether you’re just too lazy to go out, there’s a blizzard outside or even if there’s a government lock-down.

Still life photography

Still life photography is the art of photographing subjects that are inanimate.

So they can’t run out of your shot!

This gives the photographer almost complete control over the shot so you can focus a lot more on your composition and lighting.

Food photography

Photo by Louis Hansel @shotsoflouis on Unsplash

Food photography is probably the most accessible because all you have to do is walk over to your kitchen!

Anything from a freshly baked cake to an exquisitely arranged fruit platter, food photography is a great place to start your journey in photography. 

If you are interested in this type of photography it can be very useful in building a portfolio as most of the ingredients you have at home can easily be subjects.

As well as this, props can be extremely affordable.

Use what you have but if you want something extra just go to a cheap supermarket and get the cheapest but interesting looking kitchen utensils or accessories you can find. This can be interesting straws or colourful napkins.

Food photography can lead to earning an income through doing photography for stock photography sites, food blogs, recipe books, food brands etc. 

Product photography 

Photo by Glow Repose on Unsplash

Product photography is a type of commercial photography which can fall under still life photography since most of the time the product will be an inanimate object.

Exceptions would be something like fashion where the product may be on a person which is obviously not inanimate. 

The goal here is to make the subject look as accurate as possible while also showing it off in the most attractive way possible.

Similar to food photography you probably have lots of subjects already lying around the house. This could be anything from tech, jewellery, watches, hats, toys etc. 

You can try it in different ways too. You could stick to blank backgrounds like a catalogue or set up the shot more creatively similar to how you might see in advertisements.

You can pretty much use anything but here are some examples: 

Photo by Barrett Ward on Unsplash
Photo by Jackie Tsang on Unsplash

Plant photography

Photo by Tina Floersch on Unsplash

This might not work for everyone, but if you are someone with plants around the house they can easily be used as subjects. 

Plants are great because they can have interesting shapes that interact with light in different ways and you can use them as background props in pictures as well as subjects themselves.

Drinks photography

Photo by Louis Hansel @shotsoflouis on Unsplash

Similar to food photography you can get creative and make vibrant drinks that are amazing to photograph. 

This can be hot drinks like coffee, refreshing fruit juices or even cocktails. 

A top tip is to decorate the picture with ingredients of the drink. For example you could use lemon if it was a lemonade or coffee beans for  coffee.

Also try shining different lights in different parts of the photo to create contrast and bring out highlights.

Photo by Jez Timms on Unsplash

Portrait photography

Portrait photography tends to focus on a human subject and its purpose is to capture a person or group of people. A good portrait will show off the personality of the subject or the emotion they are feeling at that moment in time. 

Child portraits

Photo by Paige Cody on Unsplash

If you are a parent then your children are probably your favourite people. They are a bundle of joy and happiness, even if they can throw tantrums at times. 

As photographers we sometimes fall victim to searching for amazing places to take photos when there are beautiful people right under your nose.

Let’s be honest, taking pictures of your kids is a good use of your photography skills because you can document them growing up and nobody regrets having photos to look back on in their family albums. 

A tip for children’s portraits is to let them have fun and be in their element. Do this by not ordering them around and just let them play with their games and toys.

Also try to get on their level. Both of these tips help the children feel more comfortable and staying on their level can create a more interesting photo.

Pet portraits

Photo by Erica M. Huynh on Unsplash

If you have a pet you probably love it to bits, so show it off and improve your portfolio too! 

You can dress them up (only if it’s not cruel), set a scene or just let them play. From cats and dogs to lizards and snakes – it can be anything. 

Use the tip with children portraits of getting down on their level. Also you can try using a really wide angle to make them look larger and more dramatic. 

Lifestyle photography

Lifestyle photography is all about capturing people in real life situations or events. Some people might refer to them as candids.

These are extremely popular on social media especially for influencers.

They can also be used for advertising photography.

At work

Photo by Thought Catalog on Unsplash

If you have a home office or just a desk that can be used as one you can create lifestyle shots of someone at work e.g. on a laptop. These kinds of shots can be very good for stock photos. 


Photo by Mary Pokatova on Unsplash

If you are into fashion you can dress up your friends or yourself and take pictures in your home. You don’t need to be out and about. Just match your outfit to the surroundings and perhaps use props to your advantage.


Photo by Paola Chaaya on Unsplash

Another shot you can try to get is of people just going about their life and relaxing in the home setting like the one above.

Creative photography

The following ideas are just creative ideas which can be used on their own or applied to the ideas we have mentioned above. 

Fairy lights for bokeh

Photo by Milan Popovic on Unsplash

Bokeh is the blur effect you see in the out of focus parts of an image. Some photographers like to use this for aesthetic effect and you can use fairy lights in the background to achieve this.

The out of focus fairy lights can create a visually appealing bokeh effect.

Use them as foreground or background elements to add interest to a  photo. 

Low light

Photo by Daniel Chekalov on Unsplash

Low light photography can be good to show off a subject and focus in on the moment. With low light, most elements in the image might be too dark to notice so they don’t become a distraction. 

Try to find a light source that lights up the subject. This could be a cellphone screen, a lamp or even some light leaking in from a window. 

Oil and water photography

Photo by David Clode on Unsplash

Oil and water don’t mix. So they can create awesome photos like the one above. Start by pouring some water into a clear dish then pour some oil into it . Now stir the contents around to move around the bubbles that form. 

Now try to place something like an interesting picture or coloured light underneath the clear dish.

This will work as the background for the picture and it works best if the clear dish is elevated slightly from the background.

This way you can make the background more out of focus so that the bubbles are the main subject in the image.

Experiment and see what you like the best.

Time lapse photography

Set yourself up by a window and start shooting a time lapse. It can be a city scene, a sunset, a sunrise or just some clouds moving through the sky. 

Photo by Aron Visuals on Unsplash

Light painting

Photo by Brigitte Tohm on Unsplash

Light painting is really fun to do and you can create some really interesting photos with it. This is where you find a scene with low light – basically shoot at night indoors or outdoors.

Then you find a light source to paint with. This light source can be any type of light that you can control but a smartphone is the easiest to use. 

Now you have the tools you need; you just need to use a long shutter speed. Try starting at least 4 seconds. Have the shutter release and use someone to paint whatever you want in the shot with the light. 

Once you have got the hang of it you can try using different coloured lights, different shutter speeds and even multiple lights to see what you can create.

Hopefully this post has inspired you to pick up your camera and start taking more photos at home.

You’ll probably be surprised at what you can come up with when you put your mind to it. 

We hope you found this helpful! As always we appreciate your time for reading this.

– Photography Pursuits Team

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