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What Camera Gear Does Brandon Woelfel (@brandonwoelfel) Use In 2021?

What Camera Does Brandon Woelfel Use? 

Brandon Woelfel’s current camera of choice is the Nikon Z7 which is a full frame mirrorless camera. His previous camera was the Nikon D850 which is a full frame DSLR and he does still own this camera. At the moment his D850 is just used as a backup camera.

While the Nikon Z7 is Brandon’s camera for photography, for his vlogs he chooses to use the Panasonic LUMIX LX10.

What Lenses Does Brandon Woelfel Use?

The lenses that Brandon uses for his photography are : 

Out of these lenses he seems to use the 58mm the most at the moment which has kind of replaced his 50mm lens. The 85mm and the 35mm are close seconds.

What Tripod Does Brandon Woelfel Use?

For vlogging, he often uses the Joby GorillaPod 3K Kit alongside his Lumix LX10.

What Editing Software Does Brandon Woelfel Use?

Brandon’s images are edited with Adobe Photoshop and he has developed a signature style. You can see an example of how he plays with colours in this tutorial below.

If you want something more rigorous you can also check out his Skillshare course.

Most people will get a bundle with Adobe Lightroom and Adobe Photoshop. You can grab a subscription on Adobe.

What Flash Does Brandon Woelfel Use?

Brandon says that he doesn’t use flash often, but when he does he relies on the Profoto A1 Flash. He mentions that he likes it as it works really well as a natural fill light.

Be careful that you get the correct version of the Profoto A1 because there are different versions depending on what camera brand you use.

Profoto A1 flash for Nikon

Profoto A1 flash for Canon

What Props Does Brandon Woelfel Use For A Rainbow Effect?

Brandon has become known for using plenty of accessories to add something different to his images. Here’s a list of some of the accessories that he uses. 

Accessories to create rainbow effects:

You’ll need a light source to be pointed at the objects above, if you don’t have strong enough sunlight you can use a flash from a phone as a substitute. Play around with the angles to see what you like best. 

What Editing Tablets Does Brandon Woelfel Use?

Brandon’s images require a lot of editing and he loves to use tablets to make this easier and more efficient.

He uses the Wacom Bamboo CTL 460 when he’s editing on the go and uses the Wacom Bamboo CTH 670 when he is editing at home.

Other Useful Accessories He Uses

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If you haven’t done so already make sure you check out and follow his socials. You can also check out his website where you can see his portfolio and buy his photo-books and prints.

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