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What Camera Gear Does Chris Hau (@thechrishau) Use in 2021?

What Camera Does Chris Hau Use? 

Chris Hau currently uses the Sony A7SIII as his camera. He uses this camera for everything including Instagram posts, vlogs and client work too. He says that it’s perfect for the video and photography work that he does.

The camera mentioned above is a full-frame mirrorless camera which use the Sony E-mount, so make sure you have the right lenses to fit the body if you decide to buy one.

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What Lenses Does Chris Hau Use?

For most of his work he uses two prime lenses and two zoom lenses.

Prime lenses:

Zoom Lenses:

He uses the four lenses above for almost every situation on a day to day basis.

If you only have the budget for one lens out of the above, we recommend the 24-70mm to go with a Sony A7SIII as it will give you a more versatile set up.

*All of the lenses mentioned above will work on any Sony E-mount camera. Examples of this include the Sony A7RIV or the Sony A7III

What Microphone Does Chris Hau Use? 

Chris uses the Rode Videomic Pro+ and the Sony XLR K2M.

The Rode Videomic Pro+ is great because it turns on on its own when you turn the camera on.

The Sony XLR K2M is good if you want XLR input in a studio to connect to another microphone.

For most people, the Rode Mic will be enough.

What Editing Software Does Chris Hau Use?

Like many other professional photographers, Chris Hau utilises Adobe Lightroom and Adobe Photoshop for his editing needs.

You can get a subscription of them both through Adobe or through Amazon.

If you want to support Chris and get your photos to look more like his then you can check out his presets on his site here. 

What Tripod Does Chris Hau Use?

His tripod of choice is the Peak Design Travel Tripod which is made of carbon fibre making it both lightweight but sturdy at the same time.

What Drone Does Chris Hau Use? 

If you’ve looked at gear lists for many YouTubers or content creators, you’ll probably see this product a lot. Chris Hau uses the DJI Mavic 2 pro as his drone. 

See the video below to see the types of stunning shots you can get from this drone.

Camera Bag Video 2021

To watch Chris go through all his gear see the video below.

Support The Creator

If you haven’t done so already, make sure you follow and subscribe to Chris’s socials’.

Instagram –  @thechrishau

Youtube Channel 

Check out one of his most popular videos below:

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