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What Camera Gear Does Matti Haapoja (@mattih) Use in 2022?

With over 1 million subscribers on YouTube and over 350k followers on Instagram Matti Haapoja has become known for his high quality videos and up until recently he was an avid Canon user but this has recently changed…

Read on to find out what camera he uses now in 2022.

What Camera Does Matti Haapoja Use?

Matti Haapoja used to use Canon cameras, but recently switched to using Sony cameras at the end of 2020. Currently he uses the Sony A7SIII.

He made this decision after months of testing both the Sony A7SIII and the Canon EOS R5.

There are a few reasons why he says that he picked Sony over Canon.

The first reason being that the Sony system is more compact and even the accessories are smaller so overall they take up less space. This makes it more practical to carry around every day.

Another reason is the fact that Matti Haapoja is a video first creator and the Sony A7SIII is a video first camera. On the other hand, he believes that Canon doesn’t put as much emphasis into making the Canon R5 the best possible camera for video. 

Given that videography is on the rise he wanted a video first camera. He’s also betting that Sony will be better at video in the mirrorless cameras world.

Another reason is that he can’t edit the 4K footage from the Canon R5 without transcoding, but on the Sony A7SIII he can shoot and edit 4k without the same issues. 

Here’s a video where he goes through his settings on his Sony A7SIII

Matti hasn’t gone into detail with his lenses for his new Sony set up, but we would recommend a something close to a 35mm lens if you plan on creating content similar to his and if you expect to be vlogging a lot.

*For a bit of guidance, before he switched to Sony his favourite vlogging lens was the Canon RF 15-35mm F2.8 L IS USM lens which he used on his Canon EOS R.

Here are some lenses that work on the Sony A7SIII that you could consider:

What Presets Does Matti Haapoja Use?

Matti is a professional content creator who makes sure that he is efficient in his work flow.

To be able to edit like him in both videography and photography you can try out some of his own presets and LUTs which are available on his website here.

Support The Creator

If you haven’t done so already make sure you check out and follow his socials. You can also check out his website where you can see his portfolio and buy his photo-books and prints.

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