Here at Photography Pursuits it’s our mission to help you in becoming a better photographer.

Whether that’s with tutorials, quick tips or gear reviews. We want to be the resource that helps you get better at all things photography, videography and content creation.

We know that sometimes you have to trawl through hundreds of pages of badly laid out camera manuals to find just 1 simple little fix.

And that’s annoying.

We also know that sometimes on the internet you just want a quick answer to whether your camera gear is suitable for what you want it for, but it seems impossible to find the answer.

The answer’s either 27 minutes into an obscure YouTube video or on page 9 of a random forum thread that’s hard to find. This is also pretty annoying.

So we make sure you don’t have to do any of this.

Our promise to you is this.

We give you the answer quickly and easily in an understandable way.

Looking for the right usb cable for your camera? We’ll tell you exactly what it is and where to find it.

Trying to find out if you can use your camera as a webcam? We’ll give you the steps on how to do that.

This is assuming we’ve actually written posts about your questions that is. We’re not AI , we cant just answer everything now can we?

Want to know how to use your camera to power your Tesla? We can’t do that…sorry.

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