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Can You Leave A Lens Attached To A Camera?

You might have just bought yourself a new DSLR or mirrorless camera and this might be your first time with an interchangeable lens camera. 

You might be wondering if it is safe for you to leave the lens attached to the camera. 

Whether that just be in storage, or when you’re on the go and your equipment is in your bag.

After all they come separately, the lens has its own cap to cover it and so does the camera body.

Most people, including professional photographers, will simply keep the lens they used last or the lens they use the most attached to the camera.

This applies whether they are at home or in the field using a backpack to store the camera.

There’s two reasons and the second reason might surprise you.

1. Convenience 

Having a lens already attached means you are always one step closer to capturing an amazing picture.

Say you have your camera with you and you’ve just spotted a perfect moment to take a picture…

If you have to get the camera body and lens out separately, take the caps off and attach them to each other you are wasting precious time.

This probably increases the risk of you fumbling around and dropping your lens too if you’re in a rush.

That perfect moment that you wanted to photograph may have passed by the time you are ready.

If your lens and camera are attached already then you are one step closer to that perfect image of the perfect moment.

This is why having the lens and body already attached is always more convenient. 

Do keep a lens cap on the front of your lens when it is attached to your camera body but not in use. 

You don’t want dust or scratches on the glass of your lens.

2. Safety

Opportunity For Dust

While you might think that just having a cap on the camera body is better, it could actually be worse.

If anything, everytime you take the cap off to put a lens on you are probably giving dust an opportunity to get inside both the lens or the sensor.

If your lens is already attached then you reduce the amount of times this can happen.

If you do get dust inside your lens or sensor then a camera cleaning kit is always handy.

Cameras And Lenses Are Sturdy

If you’re worried about either the lens or camera body being a burden on the other then you probably don’t need to worry.

The manufacturers of these cameras and lenses keep in mind the usage of them and there’s a reason that different cameras have different lenses that are compatible. 

Keep in mind that there’s a good bunch of people that are taking equipment up mountains and through desserts.

Cameras and lenses are pretty sturdy, even at the low end of the market of entry level equipment.

Of course the more expensive your equipment, the more you might be scared to damage them, but it’s also more likely that the equipment is more sturdy.

What If I Need Storage Space?

Of course if you need the storage space and having the lens and camera body separate is more convenient then go ahead and do so.

Just remember to take care any time you attach or change lenses and always have a camera cleaning kit handy. 

Remember to always change lenses with the sensor facing down so no floating dust gets in. 


So to answer the question of whether you should leave a lens attached to a camera…

It’s safe to say you can leave your lens attached to your camera without any issues.

This applies whether you are on the go or your camera is just sat in storage at home.

The video below shows you how to use the camera cleaning kit we linked earlier to clean your camera and lens.

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