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Which Canon Interface USB Cable Do I Need For My Canon Camera – Compatibility Chart

You may need a USB cable for your Canon camera for reasons such as:

  • Transferring files
  • Using your Canon camera as a webcam.
  • Connecting your Canon camera to your computer

It’s hard to find a straight answer on what USB cable you need for your Canon camera so I’ve created a table to make your life easier.

(Last updated April 2023 to include newer EOS R series cameras like the EOS R50 and EOS R8.)

Canon Camera and USB Interface Cable – Compatibility Chart

The table covers 47 Canon cameras including DSLR, mirrorless and compact Canon cameras, so you can find the right USB cable for your Canon camera.

💡 Tip: To find your Canon camera and the compatible USB cable, you can either scroll down or do the following:

  • For Windows – Press ‘Ctrl’ + ‘f’ and type in your camera model (e.g. ‘Rebel T7’)
  • For Mac – Press ‘Command ‘ + ‘f’ and type in your camera model (e.g. ‘Rebel T7’)
Canon Camera ModelCanon USB Interface Cable Needed
Canon EOS R8**IFC-100U** (to USB C)
Canon EOS R6 Mark II**IFC-100U** (to USB C)
Canon EOS R50**IFC-100U** (to USB C)
Canon EOS R3IFC-100U (to USB C) (bundled)
Canon EOS R7**IFC-100U** (to USB C)
Canon EOS R10**IFC-100U** (to USB C)
Canon EOS-1D X Mark IIIIFC-100U (to USB C) (bundled)
Canon EOS-1D X Mark IIIFC-150U II (bundled)
Canon EOS-1D XIFC-200U (bundled)
Canon EOS 5DS RIFC-150U II (bundled)
Canon EOS 5DSIFC-150U II (bundled)
Canon EOS R5IFC-100U (to USB C) (bundled)
Canon EOS 5D Mark IVIFC-150U II (bundled)
Canon EOS 5D Mark IIIIFC-150U II (bundled)
Canon EOS R6**IFC-100U (to USB C)**
Canon EOS RIFC-100U (to USB C) (bundled)
Canon EOS 6D Mark II**IFC-400PCU**
Canon EOS 6DIFC-200U (bundled)
Canon EOS RP**IFC-100U (to USB C)**
Canon EOS 7D Mark IIIFC-150U II (bundled)
Canon EOS 7DIFC-200U (bundled)
Canon EOS 90D**IFC-600PCU**
Canon EOS 80D**IFC-400PCU**
Canon EOS 77D**IFC-400PCU**
Canon EOS 70DIFC-400PCU (bundled) or IFC-200U
Canon EOS 60DIFC-130U (bundled) or IFC-200U
Canon EOS Rebel T8i**IFC-600PCU**
Canon EOS Rebel T7i**IFC-400PCU**
Canon EOS Rebel T6sIFC-130U (bundled) or IFC-200U
Canon EOS Rebel T6iIFC-130U (bundled) or IFC-200U
Canon EOS Rebel T5iIFC-130U (bundled) or IFC-200U
Canon EOS Rebel T3iIFC-130U (bundled) or IFC-200U
Canon EOS Rebel SL3**IFC-600PCU**
Canon EOS Rebel SL2**IFC-400PCU**
Canon EOS Rebel SL1IFC-130U (bundled) or IFC-200U
Canon EOS Rebel T7**IFC-400PCU**
Canon EOS Rebel T6IFC-130U (bundled) or IFC-200U
Canon EOS Rebel T5IFC-130U (bundled) or IFC-200U
Canon EOS Rebel T3IFC-130U (bundled) or IFC-200U
Canon EOS Rebel T100**IFC-400PCU**
Canon EOS M6 Mark II**IFC-100U (to USB C)**
Canon EOS M50**IFC-600PCU**
Canon EOS M50 Mark II**IFC-600PCU**
Canon EOS M200**IFC-600PCU**
Canon PowerShot G5 X Mark II**IFC-100U (to USB C)**
Canon PowerShot G7 X Mark III**IFC-100U (to USB C)**
Canon PowerShot SX70 HS**IFC-600PCU**
Table of Canon Camera Models and Compatible USB Interface Cables
  • If the camera or cable has “**” next to it then this means that the cable is NOT normally bundled with the camera.
  • All of the cameras in the table are also compatible with Canon’s EOS Webcam Utility Pro software EXCEPT the EOS R6 Mark II, EOS R50, EOS R8
  • Where possible I’ve linked to a replacement cable in case you need one.

Does My Canon Camera Come Bundled With A USB Interface Cable?

If you’re lucky, some Canon cameras come with a USB cord, but some don’t.

The compatibility chart in this post tell you whether your camera model normally comes bundled with the right USB interface cable or not.

Seeing as there are so many different models you can’t always just use one cable from one camera and plug it into another.

Now you should know which USB cable to use for your Canon camera.

Hopefully if you ever have to ask the question ‘which interface cable works with my Canon camera?’ then you can come back to this post.

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