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Canon EF-S to EF Lens Conversion Chart

If you have a Canon crop sensor camera like a Canon 70D or Canon 90D, then you might be aware that there is a crop factor applied to all the lenses that you use on it. 

You can use both EF-S lenses as well as EF lenses on Canon DSLRs with the EF-S mount.

With either type of lens the crop factor will be the same either way.

The crop factor for Canon crop sensor DSLR cameras is 1.6x. So if you use an EF-S lens on a compatible Canon DSLR the crop factor will always be 1.6x.

One example is if you had a 50mm lens on a Canon crop sensor DSLR like the Canon EOS Rebel T7, the equivalent focal length will be more like 80mm on full frame camera. 

Since it can be hard to do maths on the fly, we’ve created a handy EF-S to EF lens conversion chart for some common focal lengths used in Canon DSLR lenses.

Use the chart below to see what the equivalent focal length for an EF-S lens would be in its EF lens full frame equivalent.

EF-S Full frame equivalent (EF)
Canon EF-S to EF Conversion Chart

For example, if you look at a 85mm on the EF-S column, you can see that the focal length will be equivalent to 136mm instead.

You could also use the chart to go backwards.

For example, if you like the look of 35mm on a full frame camera check for the closest focal length in the chart – in this case it would be the 35.2mm.

The corresponding EF-S focal length is 22mm, so you know that if you want your focal length to look like a 35mm full frame then 22mm is a good focal length to go for.

If you want the exact focal length then just do the following:

  • To find the full frame equivalent focal length of an EF-S lens just multiply by 1.6.
  • To go backwards and find the EF-S lens that is closest to the EF focal length you like the look of, take the EF focal length and divide it by 1.6.

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