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Does Canon M50 Mark II Shoot 4K 60FPS? – Answered

No, unfortunately the Canon M50 Mark II is not able to shoot in 4K resolution at 60 fps.

The closest the M50 Mark II can get is 4K resolution at either 23.98 fps or 25 fps. 

However, there are a few other Canon mirrorless cameras that work as good alternatives to the M50 Mark II.

In my opinion though, the best alternative to the M50 Mark II that shoots in 4K 60fps is the Canon EOS R10.

There are other Canon mirrorless cameras that shoot 4k 60fps but they’re only good if you can afford a much higher budget than the M50 Mark II.

The EOS R10 is reasonably close in budget to the M50 Mark II while including 4k 60fps and a whole lot of other good improvements.

Alternative Cameras to M50 Mark II that have 4K 60FPS

If you REALLY NEED to have 4K 60fps then are some other mirrorless canon cameras that DO have 4K 60fps that you can consider instead.

In my opinion the best alternative camera to the M50 Mark II that has 4k at 60fps is the Canon EOS R10.

Overall it has better specs and is part of the EOS R series which is where Canon is putting its resources going forward.

But if you do want more features and you have a bigger budget you can consider the EOS R8 or EOS R7. These two are objectively better than the EOS R10, but cost a lot more.