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63 Colombia Photo Captions For Instagram – Only The Best

If you have stunning photographs from your time in Colombia, I’m sure you’ll want to show them off on Instagram.

This list contains the best Instagram captions for Colombia including Colombia quotes, Columbia puns and more.

Pick your favorite Colombia Instagram caption from the list below.

Whether your photos are of Bogota, Medellin or Cali, this list of captions works for any part of Colombia.

Best Colombia Instagram Captions

Cute Colombia Captions For Instagram

  1. People never forget two things: their first love and their first day in Colombia

  1. Happiness is not a state of mind, but a trip to Colombia

  1. Money can’t buy you happiness, but it can buy you Colombian coffee

  1. Medellin, thank you for making me feel so alive

  1. I found paradise in Colombia

  1. From now on sweet dreams are made of salsa dancing and sight-seeing in Colombia

Funny Colombia Captions & Colombia Puns

  1. I cannot espresso how much I love Colombia

  1. I’ve got the coffeels for Colombia

  1. Colombia you mocha me crazy

  1. I Neiva want to leave Colombia

  1. Yuca-n’t believe how good Colombian food is!

Short Colombia Captions 

  1. Siestas & Fiestas

  1. Coffee, adventure and good vibes

  1. Colombia, the happiest country in the world

  1. More coffee please

  1. Meet me in Bogota

  1. More arepas please

  1. Cali looks good on me

Colombia Quotes For Instagram Captions

  1. “Before I cook, I always have to put on music that parents listened to while cooking. I remember waking up in the morning and seeing my dad making breakfast with music and cutting up the tomato and singing to it and just handling food with such care. So when I cook, I put on salsa, vallenato, cumbia, or anything that reminds me of Colombia.” – Diane Guerrero

  1. “I miss Colombia. It’s a great place.” – Camilo Villegas

  1. “We take photos as a return ticket to a moment otherwise gone” – Katie Thurmes

  1. “Traveling – it leaves you speechless, then turns you into a storyteller” – Ibn Battuta

  1.  “Wherever you go becomes a part of you somehow” – Anita Desai

Cartagena Instagram Captions

  1. “Lost in the vibrant streets of Cartagena! 🌴✨”
  1. “Exploring the colorful magic of Cartagena! 🌈✨”
  1. “Wandering through the historic gems of Cartagena! 🏰🌺”
  1. “Immersed in the rich culture of Cartagena! 🎉🎭”
  1. “Cartagena’s charm has stolen my heart! ❤️🌴”
  1. “Captivated by Cartagena’s picturesque beauty! 📸✨”
  1. “Dancing to the rhythms of Cartagena’s vibrant soul! 💃🎶”
  1. “Savoring the flavors of Cartagena’s culinary delights! 🍽️🌮”
  1. “Getting lost in the tales of Cartagena’s ancient walls! 📖🏰”
  1. “Sun-kissed and blissful in Cartagena’s paradise! ☀️🌴”
  1. “Cartagena’s colors have painted a smile on my soul! 🎨💫”
  1. “Walking the cobblestone streets of Cartagena, where history meets beauty! 🚶‍♀️🏰”
  1. “Cartagena, where every corner is a picture-perfect postcard! 📸✨”
  1. “From the old town to the beach, Cartagena offers endless adventures! 🏖️🌴”
  1. “Indulging in the warmth and hospitality of Cartagena’s people! 🤗❤️”
  1. “Cartagena’s enchanting sunsets leave me in awe! 🌅😍”
  1. “Finding tranquility in the colorful alleys of Cartagena! 🌺🌿”
  1. “Salsa nights and Caribbean vibes in captivating Cartagena! 💃🌴”
  1. “Embracing the magic of Cartagena, one step at a time! ✨🚶‍♂️”
  1. “Cartagena, a city that captures the essence of Colombia’s beauty! 🇨🇴❤️”

Medellin Captions

  1. Embracing the eternal spring in captivating Medellin! 🌸🌿
  1. Lost in the vibrant rhythm of Medellin’s beating heart! 💃🎶
  1. Exploring the urban charm of Medellin, where innovation meets beauty! 🏙️✨
  1. From Comuna 13 to Poblado, Medellin’s neighborhoods hold untold stories! 🌆📖
  1. Medellin’s breathtaking vistas have left me in awe! 🌄😍
  1. Dancing among the flowers in Medellin’s enchanting Botanical Garden! 🌺💃
  1. Medellin’s resilience and transformation inspire me to dream big! 💪🌟
  1. Discovering the magic of Medellin, one colorful street at a time! 🎨🚶‍♀️
  1. Savoring the flavors of Medellin’s gastronomic delights! 🍽️🌮
  1. Medellin, a city that combines urban sophistication with natural wonders! 🏙️🌳
  1. Captivated by the vibrant energy of Medellin’s street art scene! 🎨✨
  1. Finding serenity amidst Medellin’s lush green parks and gardens! 🌿🌳
  1. Medellin’s cable car ride offers breathtaking views of the city’s panorama! 🚡🌆
  1. Embracing Medellin’s warm-hearted people and their joyful spirit! 🤗❤️
  1. Adventures await in Medellin’s surrounding mountains and valleys! ⛰️🌄
  1. Medellin, where innovation, art, and culture intertwine! 🎭🎨💡
  1. Medellin’s pulsating nightlife sets the stage for unforgettable memories! 🌃🎉
  1. From Plaza Botero to Parque Arví, Medellin is a photographer’s paradise! 📸✨
  1. Witnessing Medellin’s transformation into a vibrant and inclusive city! 🌇🌈
  1. Medellin, a city that has risen above challenges with resilience and grace! 💫🌟

That’s 63 awesome Colombia Intagram captions.

From Colombia puns to cool Colombia quotes, there’s a caption here for any one visiting Colombia.

Feel free to use these Instagram captions for your photos of Colombia.

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