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Does the Nikon Z 50 Have a Recording Time Limit?

Yes, the Nikon Z 50 has a recording limit based on time. There are also some file size limits to be aware of too.

This post tells you what the limits are and also addresses another unexpected way the camera might turn off…

How Long Does The Nikon Z 50 Record Before Stopping?

The Nikon Z 50 will stop recording when the recording time limit is reached, but the time limit changes depending on the format of the recording.

The recording limit on the Nikon Z 50 is different depending on whether you are using slow motion or standard speed recording formats.

Recording Time Limits

Standard Recording

The maximum continuous recording time for a single video on the Nikon Z 50 is approximately 29 minutes and 59 seconds. This is for standard speed recordings.

Slow Motion Recording

The maximum continuous recording time for a single slow motion video on the Nikon Z 50 is 3 minutes.


The time limit is based on ‘normal’ operating conditions.

If the temperature of the camera gets too hot then the recording time may actually be lower than the time limits described above.

Tips To Avoid Overheating On The Nikon Z 50

As mentioned earlier, the estimated recording time available is based on normal operating conditions.

If the camera gets too hot then this wouldn’t be classed as ‘normal’ operating conditions.

Here are two tips to make sure your Nikon Z 50 can stay cool:

  1. To get the most out of your camera, try to turn it off when it is not being used so it can cool down between recordings.

    Not only will this let it cool down, but it will also save battery life.
  1. You can also flip out the flip screen away from the camera body.

    This will allow more heat to dissipate from the camera and let it cool off faster.

These two tips will help to reduce the chance of your Nikon Z 50 from overheating.

Are there File Size Limits For Videos on The Nikon Z 50?

The file size limit for the Nikon Z 50 for video files depends on what kind of SD card you are using.

According to the user manual, the maximum file length is dependent on whether you are using an SD card which is greater or smaller than 32GB.

This is likely due to the type of formatting used for SD cards of different sizes.

Using An SD Card Greater Than 32GB

If you are using an SD card which is larger than 32GB, then the maximum file length is equal to the maximum movie length as mentioned above (i.e 29 min 59 sec).

So movie files will be saved as one single file in this case.

Using An SD Card Equal To Or Less Than 32GB

The movie files may be recorded across up to 8 files of 4GB each.

The number of files and the length of each file will vary depending on the frame size/frame rate and movie quality.

My Nikon Z 50 Automatically Turns Off Unexpectedly

If your Nikon Z 50 is turning off unexpectedly you might have the ‘Power Off Delay’ settings set to a short time limit. 

The ‘Power Off Delay’ settings let you choose how long the monitor or viewfinder remains on when no operations are performed. 

This Power Off Delay setting is important to know especially if you are using your Nikon Z 50 as a HDMI webcam for live streaming or video calls.

Here’s how to change your ‘Power off Delay’ settings on the Nikon Z 50:

  1. Go to your ‘Custom Menu’ (this is the pencil icon).
  1. Select ‘Timers/AE lock’.
  1. Scroll to ‘c3 Power off delay’ and select this option.
  1. Under the ‘Power off delay’ settings go to ‘Standby timer’ and set this to your desired time limit.


You should now know the different recording limits on the Nikon Z 50.

To summarise, the Nikon Z 50 can continuously record up to a maximum of:

29 minutes and 59 seconds for standard motion recordings


3 minutes when recording slow motion.

If you need further info you can find links to the different manuals at the following link:

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