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Can You Charge A Canon EOS 70D Through USB?

If you’re wondering how to charge the Canon 70D with a USB then this is the post for you.

Unfortunately, you can’t use the USB port for the Canon 70D to charge the camera.

The reason for this is that the USB port can only be used for data transfer – it cannot transfer power to the camera.

Fortunately, there are other ways to guarantee that your Canon 70D is well-powered and we show you how to ensure continuous power on your EOS 70D at the end of this post.

If you want a Canon camera that charges through USB you should check out the Canon EOS M50 Mark II

The M50 Mark II is a newer mirrorless camera that is very popular and it has an APS-C sensor like the Canon 70D. 

If you do get the M50 Mark II then be aware that you cannot use the same lenses as you would on the Canon 70D unless you use an adapter. 

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How Can You Charge The Canon 70D Battery?

To charge the LP-E6 batteries on the Canon 70D you can use the LC-E6 battery charger.

Sometimes you might not be able to charge your batteries if you’re out and about, so always try to have one or two spare batteries in case you run out of power.

See further below for some links to compatible replacement batteries.

What Battery Does The Canon EOS 70D Use?

The Canon EOS 70D uses the LP-E6 battery (supplied with the camera). It can also use the LP-E6N and LP-E6NH batteries which are newer versions of the LP-E6.

The LP-E6N and LP-E6NH have a slightly higher power capacity compared to the older LP-E6. 

Replacement batteries are quite easy to find online.

Below are some links to an official Canon version as well as some third-party replacement batteries. 

What Battery Charger Does The Canon EOS 70D Use?

The battery charger for the Canon 70D is the LC-E6 (the LC-E6E is a variation of the same charger that also works). 

The Canon 70D is only one of many Canon cameras that use the LP-E6 battery and the LC-E6 charger is designed to be compatible with this battery pack.  

Third-party replacement battery chargers can also be used and they often are a lot more affordable compared to the Canon versions.

Even better, you often get a battery charger included when you buy third-party batteries.

Below are some links to an official Canon version and a third-party version of the charger.  

Continuous Power On 70D Using AC Adapter

If you are live streaming or using the Canon 70D as a webcam, you may want to have a continuous power source

You can use an AC adapter kit with a DC coupler to provide a continuous power source to your Canon 70D – sometimes you might see these called ‘dummy battery kits’.

Your Canon 70D will need a dummy battery kit which is designed for the Canon LP-E6 battery. I’ve linked one below that is made for the LP-E6 battery.

Just remember that you need to use the dummy battery and not your normal battery.

You also need to make sure that the battery door is shut or your Canon 70D won’t turn on. 

There should be a small flap that you can open to allow the wire from the dummy battery kit to pass through while still keeping the battery door shut.


You should now know that you are unable to use a USB cable to charge the Canon 70D battery, but you should be aware of other ways to charge the Canon 70D and even provide constant power to it.

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