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Can You Charge A Canon EOS Rebel T6 Through USB?

If you’re wondering how to charge the Canon Rebel T6 (also known as the 1300D or KISS X80) with a USB then this is the post for you.

Unfortunately you cannot charge a Canon Rebel T6 through the USB port on the camera. 

This is because the USB port on the Canon Rebel T6 is only for data transfer and not for power transfer.

Luckily there are other ways to make sure your camera is well powered.

If you were looking for constant power for your Rebel T6 then this is still possible and we will discuss this later in this post.

If you want a Canon camera that charges through USB you should check out the Canon EOS M50 Mark II

The M50 Mark II is a newer mirrorless camera which is very popular and it has an APS-C sensor like the Canon Rebel T6.

How Can You Charge The Canon Rebel T6 Battery?

The LC-E10 battery charger can be used to charge the LP-E10 batteries which are used by the Rebel T6.

Having a few spare batteries on hand is a must so that you don’t have problems running out of power.

See further below for some links to well-reviewed and compatible replacement batteries.

What Battery Does The Canon EOS Rebel T6 Use?

The Canon EOS Rebel T6 uses the LP-E10 battery.

You can buy replacement batteries quite easily online.

Below are some links to the official Canon version as well as some third-party replacement batteries. 

What Battery Charger Does The Canon EOS Rebel T6 Use?

The LC-E10 is the battery charger for the Canon Rebel T6 (the LC-E10E is a variation that also works).

The Canon Rebel T6 and many other Canon cameras use the LP-E10 battery, which is designed to be compatible with this charger.

Third-party replacement battery chargers are also an option and you often get a battery charger included when you buy third-party batteries.

I’ve included some links below to the official version and a third-party version of the charger.  

Continuous Power On Rebel T6 Using AC Adapter

If you are live streaming or using the Canon Rebel T6 as a webcam, you may want to have a continuous power source

An AC adapter kit with a DC coupler is the best way to provide continuous power to the Rebel T6 and they are fairly inexpensive. Sometimes people call them ‘dummy battery kits’.

Your Rebel T6 will be compatible with the example linked below because it is designed to be compatible with any Canon camera that uses the LP-E10 battery.

You should now know that you are unable to use a USB to charge the Canon Rebel T6 battery, but you should be aware of other ways to charge the Canon Rebel T6 and even provide constant power to it.