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Does The Canon Rebel T6 Have Clean HDMI Out?

It’s common to want to use a DSLR with an HDMI capture card for high-quality live streams or video calls.

However to make this effective you need the ability to have clean HDMI out on the DSLR you are using.

Unfortunately, the Canon Rebel T6 (also known as the EOS 1300D) does not have an option for a clean HDMI output. 

We discuss a workaround that gets close to the same effect but is not quite as effective as having a clean HDMI output built into the camera. 

We’ve also included an alternative camera that does have a clean HDMI output.

Using The Canon EOS Webcam Utility

A way of getting a clean feed is to use the Canon EOS Webcam utility. However, this feed is lower quality than HD. 

By using the Canon EOS Webcam Utility you will be able to use autofocus capabilities, but the maximum resolution is about 1024×576 (depending on the camera being used).

To see how to use the Canon EOS Webcam Utility for the Canon Rebel T6, check out our post on using the Canon Rebel T6 as a webcam.

Best Alternative to Canon Rebel T6 That Does have Clean HDMI

If you don’t want to mess about with the webcam utility then it’s best to just get a different camera that has clean HDMI. 

In our testing, one of the best alternatives to the Canon Rebel T6 that has clean HDMI is the Canon M50 Mark II

The Canon M50 mark II is a newer mirrorless camera that comes with a number of improvements (including a clean HDMI output).

If you do have a Canon Rebel T6 then keep in mind that you cannot just use the same lenses on the Canon M50 Mark II.

Since the M50 Mark II is a mirrorless camera, you need an adapter to use Canon DSLR lenses on it. 

See our post on using ef and ef-s lenses on the M50 (the same information applies to the M50 Mark II). 


You should now know that the Canon Rebel T6 does not have the option for a clean HDMI output, and one of the best alternatives to the Rebel T6 that does have a clean HDMI output is the Canon EOS M50 Mark II.

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