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What Camera Gear Does Big Jet TV Use In 2021?

Big Jet TV is known for their aviation videos on YouTube where they have gained over 100,000 subscribers since uploading their first video on their YouTube channel in 2017.

The videos they create require high quality equipment to be able to capture all the shots necessary to get the best footage of planes taking off.

If you want to follow their example and use the same gear then read on to see what they currently use.

What Camera Gear Does Big Jet TV Use?

Big Jet TV currently uses the PANASONIC HC-VX1 4K Camcorder as their camera of choice for their videos. 

It can record in 4K and it has 24x optical zoom so you can get a large variety of perspectives. 

You can check out the current price and availability on Amazon by clicking on the link below 

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If you haven’t done so already you can check out their channel and check out their website too. 

Check out one of their most popular videos below.