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What Camera Gear Does Chris Burkard (@chrisburkard) Use In 2023?

Chris Burkard is an award winning photographer and videographer and is especially known for their outdoor adventure and landscape work. 

To cut to the chase his go-to camera is the Sony A7RIV for most of his work.

He creates outstanding pieces of visual work and he has gained over 3.9 million followers on Instagram in the process.

While he is more known on Instagram, Chris Burkard also has a hidden gem of a YouTube channel where he features his videography work.

What Camera Gear Does Chris Burkard Use?

He currently uses the Sony mirrorless system cameras and uses more than one camera depending on the situation. 

His go-to camera is the Sony A7RIV for most of his work.

This is partly because of the high resolution at 61 megapixels which makes it really easy to reproduce images in large prints and for various client needs. 

For astrophotography and night time footage, he sticks to the Sony A7SIII as it’s particularly good in low light compared to other cameras and works great even at high ISO levels. 

When he wants to go really lightweight, he will use the Sony A6500 and he says it is perfect for anytime you need to be conscious of the weight of your gear – for example, if you are going hiking it can be great.

The Sony A7RIV and Sony A7SIII cameras are full frame Sony mirrorless cameras, but the Sony A6500 is a Sony APS-C mirrorless camera.

So make sure you keep this in mind when choosing your lenses.

  • Sony A7RIV – Most used and best all round
  • Sony A7SIII – Best for night time and low light.
  • Sony A6500 – Best when you need something really lightweight. Also the best if you are on a budget

What Lenses Does Chris Burkard Use?

Since his work can vary a lot he uses multiple lenses depending on the situation and the camera he is using at the time. We’ve tried to summarise his main lenses below depending on the camera. 

His most common  ‘standard kit’ with his Sony A7RIV will include the following lenses:

For his Night time shoots with the A7SIII he uses:

The lenses he uses for the Sony A6500 are:

The best setup he recommends for someone on a budget is to get a Sony A6500 with a 16-70mm F/4 lens.

What Drones Does Chris Burkard Use?

Chris sticks to DJI drones and like his cameras he has a variety that he will use depending on the situation. The drones he uses are :

What Tripod Does Chris Burkard Use?

His go to tripod is the Peak Designs Travel Tripod which is a favourite amongst quite a number of popular content creators.

You can check out the availability of both the carbon fiber and aluminium versions at the links below:

Support The Creator 

If you haven’t done so already, then make sure to follow their socials and check out their website too.

On their website you can check out some of their products like their courses or prints.

Below is one of their most popular videos on their YouTube channel so you can see what their footage looks like.

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