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What Camera Gear Does Harald Baldr Use in 2023?

Harald Baldr is a YouTuber with over 2 million subscribers who is known for his travel videos with minimal editing.

If you’ve watched Bald and Bankrupt you might have also seen Harald as he features in a lot of Bald and Bankrupt’s videos. 

Harald has built up his following using a very affordable and small camera…

What Camera Does Harald Baldr Use?

For his vlogs Harald Baldr uses the Sony FDR X3000 which is classed as an action cam.

The Sony FDR X3000 is perfect for the style of videos he does where he’s always on the move. 

This camera is perfect for people who want something small, but high quality and the wide angle makes it great for vlogging.

The camera is 4k capable, but he tends to upload his videos in 1080p. This is most likely to save space on memory cards.

Another YouTuber who also uses the Sony FDR X3000 is Bald and Bankrupt who features regularly in Harald Baldr’s videos.

Below is one of his most popular videos so you can see what his footage looks like. 

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