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What Camera Gear Does Simon Wilson Use in 2022?

Simon Wilson started his channel with just his iPhone and some cheap accessories, but now he has over 940,000 subscribers on YouTube so he’s got the budget to improve his camera gear. 

Even with this many subscribers he still keeps it fairly simple as far as camera gear goes and uses gear which is more on the affordable end when it comes to DSLRs.

What Camera Does Simon Wilson Use? 

For his vlogs, Simon currently uses the Canon EOS 80D, but if you want the newer version of this then you can check out the Canon EOS 90D which has a few improvements.

These are both APS-C Canon DSLRs so any Canon EF or EF-S lenses will work on these cameras. 

Both cameras will allow you to shoot in 1080p, but if you want to shoot in 4K then you will need the Canon EOS 90D as the Canon EOS 80D cannot record in 4k. 

What Lenses Does Simon Wilson Use?

In his gear list he lists the following lenses:

Out of the lenses above, it seems from his videos that he is using the 10-18mm lens due to the wide angle of the footage.

You can also see that he is using this lens from the videos where he features on Bald and Bankrupt’s channel during their Mexico trip.

As a general rule of thumb, the wider the focal length, the smoother the footage will be and camera shake will be less visible.

This makes the 10-18mm perfect for vlogging on the move.

If he were to use something like the 50mm lens, he would not be able to vlog comfortably because the focal length would be too zoomed in on his face!

The 50mm lens is a great quality lens but would be better suited for close ups, B-roll or portrait photography.

What Microphone Does Simon Wilson Use? 

As a YouTuber, Simon needs to make sure that he has high quality audio for his videos and for this he uses the Rode VideoMic Pro+.

What Tripod Does Simon Wilson Use?

He uses the Joby GorillaPod 3k kit which is a favourite for a lot of vloggers.

The flexibility to be able to adjust the legs and bend them means you can use it in almost any situation.

Other Gear

Here’s some other gear that he uses from time to time as well as some accessories.

  • GoPro Hero 8 Black Action camera which can be used for action shots or in more extreme situations.

  • Lowe Pro Camera Bag – Camera bag for all his gear including space for other tech like laptops.

Support The Creator

If you haven’t done so already make sure you check out and follow his socials. You can also check out his merch website.

Simon Wilson’s Instagram

Skintstuff Merch Website

Simon Wilson’s YouTube Channel

Below is one of his most popular videos so you can see what his footage looks like. 

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