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What Is The Maximum Flash Sync Speed For Sony Alpha Cameras

In this post, I won’t be looking at ‘High-Speed Sync’ (FP), but rather ‘Flash Sync Speed’ (x-sync).

The standard maximum sync speed for most DSLRs and mirrorless cameras is around 1/125th to 1/250th of a second, but in this post I’ll lay out the maximum sync speeds (x-sync) for popular Sony mirrorless camera bodies. 

💡 The most common maximum flash sync speed (x-sync) for Sony alpha mirrorless cameras is 1/250 seconds but a few have a sync speed of 1/160 seconds. Remember this is x-sync and not high-speed sync (FP).

Sony Alpha Mirrorless Cameras Sync Speed Table

As you can see in the table below the flash sync speed for Sony Alpha Cameras tends to be either 1/160 or 1/250 seconds.

The table was last updated in Mach 2023.

Sony Alpha ModelFlash Sync Speed (Secs)
Sony a66001/160
Sony a65001/160
Sony a64001/160
Sony a7 IV1/250
Sony a7 III1/250
Sony a7 II1/250
Sony a71/250
Sony a7R IV1/250
Sony a7R III 1/250
Sony a7R II1/250
Sony a7R1/160
Sony a7S III1/250
Sony a7S II1/250
Sony a7S 1/250
Sony a91/250
Sony Mirrorless Camera Flash Sync Speeds

**Note** these are the specs according to Sony and assume account that you will be using Sony flash units.

If you are using third-party flash units, your flash sync speed may be slightly slower and you also need to check if the flash is compatible with your camera.

For example, instead of achieving a flash sync speed of 1/250 seconds, you may end up getting 1/200 seconds instead – this varies from brand to brand.

Always check the compatibility of your flash if you are using different brands and try to see if there are any reviews from other customers that confirm the sync speed.

If not, you can also check with the manufacturer of the flash to see what kind of flash sync speed you can expect with your camera.

Check out this post on maximum sync speed for popular Nikon and Canon bodies to see how they’re different to Sony cameras.

Flash Sync Speed Video

If you want to understand flash sync speed better, then watch the video below. I found it very helpful when I was unsure.

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