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Is The Canon EOS 60D A Full Frame Camera

Let’s get straight into it…

No, the Canon EOS 60D is not a full-frame camera. 

So What Type Of Camera Is The Canon EOS 60D?

The Canon EOS 60D is an APS-C camera which is also known as a crop sensor or cropped sensor camera. 

This means that the Canon 60D has a sensor size which is 22.3 mm × 14.9 mm.

On the other hand, full-frame cameras have a sensor size of 36 mm x 24mm as this is the standard for full-frame Canon cameras.

The Canon 60D is an APS-C sensor camera because it is targeted at enthusiast or semi-professional photographers which are considered middle of the market.

APS-C sensor cameras are cheaper to produce compared to full-frame sensor cameras.

This means that the Canon 60D is not as expensive as a high-end full-frame camera (designed for full-time professional photographers).

However, due to having some better features, the 60D is still a bit more expensive than entry-level APS-C cameras that are designed for complete beginner photographers.

What Is The Crop Factor On The Canon 60D?

Since the Canon EOS 60D is a Canon crop-sensor camera, the 60D has a crop factor of 1.6x. This means that the full frame equivalent focal length is 1.6x multiplied by the focal length of the lens you are using.

Let’s look at an example where you would use a 50mm lens on the Canon 60D:

  • Focal length of lens = 50mm
  • Crop factor = 1.6x
  • Full frame equivalent focal length = 1.6 x 50mm = 80mm

As you can see, when you are using a 50mm EF or EF-S lens on the Canon 60D you are getting the same focal length as if you were using an 80mm lens on a full-frame camera.

Is The Canon 60D A DSLR Or A Mirrorless Camera?

It is also important to know that the Canon EOS 60D is a DSLR and not a mirrorless camera so there are only certain lenses that are compatible with the Canon 60D.

What Lenses Are Compatible With The Canon 60D?

Since the Canon 60D is a DSLR that uses the Canon EF/EF-S mount you can only use EF or EF-S lenses with the Canon 60D.

You cannot use Canon lenses that are designed for mirrorless Canon cameras as they use a different lens mount.

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