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Is The Canon M50 Mark II A Full Frame Camera?

Nope, the Canon EOS M50 Mark II (also known as the EOS Kiss M2) isn’t a full-frame camera, but it doesn’t need to be. 

The Canon M50 Mark II is one of the best mirrorless APS-C cameras you can get. 

This means that the M50 Mark II is a crop sensor camera and it has a sensor size of about 22.3mm x 14.9mm. The older M50 (can we call it the Mark I?) is also a crop sensor camera with the same sensor size. 

In fact, all of Canon’s crop sensor cameras have the same sensor size of 22.3mm x 14.9mm.

Does The Sensor Size Matter? 

Yeah, it does. 

When you compare the crop sensor size of Canon’s full-frame mirrorless cameras to their crop sensor mirrorless cameras, you’ll see why.

Canon’s full-frame cameras (both DSLRs and mirrorless) have a sensor size of 36mm x 24mm. 

Compared to crop sensor cameras these full frame sensors are about 1.6x bigger in area. 

This determines the crop factor that you get on your crop sensor M50 Mark II.

Crop Factor On The M50 Mark II? 

Since Canon crop sensor cameras are 1.6x smaller than their full-frame cousins, the crop factor on the Canon M50 Mark II is also 1.6x. 

So to get the 35mm full frame equivalent focal length on the M50 Mark II, you need to multiply the focal length of your lens by 1.6x. 

If this is going straight over your head then don’t worry. 

Here’s a quick example of how a 22mm lens will look on the Canon EOS M50 Mark II:

  • Focal length of lens = 22MM
  • Crop factor = 1.6x
  • Full frame equivalent focal length = 1.6 x 22mm = 35.2mm

So you can see here how a wide-angle lens of 22mm ends up looking more like a 35mm lens because of the crop factor. 

If you want to see more examples of focal length conversions from crop sensor to full-frame equivalent, check out this Canon EF-S to EF lens conversion chart. It’s for DSLR lenses but the Canon mirrorless lenses use the exact same conversion. 

What Lenses Can I Use On The M50 Mark II?

To find out what lenses you can use on the M50 Mark II, you need to know what lens mount it has. 

The M50 Mark II uses an EF-M lens mount so you can only use EF-M lenses by default. 

However, if you do have EF or EF-S lenses you will be able to use them as long as you use the right adapter. Check out this post on using an EF or EF-S lens on a Canon M50 camera.

To find out more about the Canon M50 Mark II check out this must-watch video below:

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If you plan on using it for video then make sure you know whether the M50 Mark II has an external mic input.

Did you also know you can use the M50 Mark II as a webcam with just a USB cable.