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How To Find The Shutter Count On Canon Rebel SL3 (250D, 200D II)

Knowing the shutter count and the shutter life on your Canon Rebel SL3 is like knowing the mileage of a second hand car. So it’s kinda important. 

This means whether you’re buying or selling the SL3 you may want to know the shutter count on it. 

I’ll tell you how to find out below.

If you’re going to be using one of the Mac methods below, you’re going to want to connect your Rebel SL3 to your computer.

In a hurry? Here’s a quick summary:

You can check your shutter count on the Rebel SL3 by sending it in to Canon for a service and get them to check for you (this will cost money). 

You can also use third party software on your like ShutterCheck and ShutterCount on a Mac device to check the shutter count. 

The correct USB cable to connect your Rebel SL3 to your computer is the Canon IFC-600PCU. You might also need an adapter if you don’t have a standard USB port on your Mac.

Unfortunately, I’ve not been able to find a reliable tool to do the same on Windows. 

Oh, and if the shutter count is over around 150,000 then that specific Rebel SL3 is probably on its deathbed.

How To Check The The Shutter Count On Canon Rebel SL3

Using The Official Canon Method

So Canon kinda makes it hard to find the shutter count of your Canon SL3. 

They don’t let you just check on the camera and they don’t let you use some official Canon software. 

The only way you could really do it through Canon is by sending your camera in to them for a service where they verify the shutter count. 

But this can be expensive and most people don’t want to bother with doing this.

Luckily there are other ways to check your shutter count on your Rebel SL3.

Checking Shutter Count for Rebel SL3 on Mac

Ok so these two apps aren’t free, but they’re not expensive either and they’ll get the job done. 

  1. ShutterCheck

At the time of writing this tool costs about $10.

I had a look into the specs of this software and the Rebel SL3 is listed as compatible, but it will only give the shutter count to the nearest 1000 shots. 

If you’re struggling to use the software there’s a lot of info on the support page.

  1. ShutterCount by Direstudio

This is currently available at $6.99 for the standard version. You only need the standard version to be able to read the shutter count. 

If there’s any problems using the ShutterCount app you can use their frequently asked questions page and their support page

Checking Shutter Count for Rebel SL3 on Windows

Unfortunately, I’ve not found any Windows tools that confirm that they can find the shutter count for the Rebel SL3. 

Most of the tools out there are kinda old and they haven’t been able to keep up with the new cameras from what it seems. 

Normally I’d use Canon EOS Digital Info but it doesn’t seem to work with the Rebel SL3 to find the shutter count. 

What’s The Shutter Life of A Canon Rebel SL3?

Well if I gave you a concrete answer that would be a lie because nobody actually knows. 

Canon doesn’t give any specific figure but in general this level of DSLR tends to have a shutter life of around 100,000 to 150,000.

One data point that can be useful is to use an older version of this camera – the Rebel SL1 (also known as the EOS 100D). 

The Rebel SL1 (100D) is included in the shutter life database on olegkikin.com and you can see a screenshot below.

Here’s a screenshot from the Oleg Kikin website.

Canon Rebel SL1 Shutter life database screenshot from OlegKikin.com

You can see that the Canon SL1 (100D) has an average shutter count of 154,046 after which the shutter died. 

To compare the Rebel SL3 to the Rebel SL1, let’s look at some important information. 

The Rebel SL1 was released in 2013, it was then followed by the Rebel SL2 which was released in 2017. Then the Rebel SL3 was released in 2019. 

So you can see that the Rebel SL3 is 6 years newer than the Rebel SL1. Given that they’re in the same series of cameras and the SL3 is newer, we’d expect that the SL3 has at least the same shutter life rating as the SL1. 

Based on the data above, I’d have a good guess that the Rebel SL3 also can last for a shutter count of about 150,000. 

Just keep in mind that this is an estimate and you might get a lot less or a lot more.

If we go back to the example of the SL1, there are users that only get 20,000 but some people get lucky and get over 250,000.

What’s a Good Shutter Count On The Rebel SL3?

Based on the data above, you definitely don’t want to be near 150,000 or so as that seems to be the upper limit for most people (assuming the Rebel SL3 was built to a similar quality of the Rebel SL1).

If I was personally looking to buy a SL3 second hand I’d want to be looking at a shutter count of 75,000 or less.

On average this would still give me another 75,000 or so in shutter life (assuming that the shutter gives in at a shutter count of around 150,000).

To put this into perspective, I could take 100 photos a day, every day for 750 days (that’s more than 2 years).

And I definitely don’t take 100 photos a day every single day so it would probably last even longer.

Of course the lower the shutter count, the better. 

But don’t get too fixated on shutter count because there’s other things to consider.

For example, the previous user might have been someone who’s always dropping or knocking their camera. This isn’t good. 

On the other hand, the previous owner could be the most careful person in the world and not have a single scratch on their Rebel SL3. 

I’d take a slightly higher shutter count on a better looked after camera any day of the week. 

You can get an idea of what the previous owner is like by not only looking at the camera, but by looking at their other equipment like their lenses. 

But to be honest I’d probably end up getting a new Rebel SL3 instead of a used one because it’s already quite an affordable camera and it removes any uncertainty about any underlying issues.

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