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What Camera Gear Does Eva zu Beck Use In 2023?

Below is a quick summary table of the travel vlogging equipment that Eva zu Beck uses. If you want more details you can read on below. 

You can click on the product links to check the current price and availability on Amazon.

Type of GearProduct
Current Vlogging CameraSony A7iii
Lens for Vlogging Camera Sony 16-35mm F4
Old Vlogging CameraSony a6500
Microphone Sony ECM-B1M
Waterproof Action CameraGoPro HER0 10
DroneDJI Mavic 3 Classic

Eva zu Beck is a vlogger who is known for her solo travel adventures on YouTube where she has gained over 1.5 million subscribers. 

If you want to follow her example and use the same gear then read on to see more details on the vlogging gear that she currently uses.

What Camera Does Eva zu Beck Use?

Currently, Eva zu Beck uses the Sony A7iii as her main vlogging camera.

The Sony A7iii is an amazing camera and it is a favourite amongst plenty of content creators for good reason. 

Before buying the Sony A7iii Eva zu Beck used the Sony a6500 for 2 years so you could get this as an alternative if you have a lower budget. 

Just remember that the Sony A7iii is a mirrorless camera with a full-frame sensor, but the Sony a6500 camera is a mirrorless camera with an APS-C sensor.

So, if you plan to buy either then make sure you get the correct compatible lenses to go with.  You will also need to be aware of the differences between crop sensor cameras and full-frame cameras.

You might want to read up on the differences between Sony FE and E lenses as well as the difference between crop sensor cameras and full frame cameras.

Eva zu Beck started her channel with just a second-hand camera and a second-hand lens, but over time she has upgraded her gear to what it is now. 

There’s no reason that you can’t do the same, so you shouldn’t feel like you need to get a brand new Sony A7iii just to be like her.

After all, the main thing is to have entertaining and interesting content.

You can check out the current price and availability for the Sony A7III and the Sony a6500 on Amazon by clicking on the links below. 

What Lens Does Eva zu Beck Use?

Eva zu Beck uses the Sony 16-35mm F4 lens for her vlogs. This lens is perfect for vlogging because of how wide it opens up at 16mm.

The ability to shoot as wide as a 16mm focal length is good for vlogging because it allows you to easily vlog in a ‘selfie’ perspective without the camera being too zoomed in onto your face.

It’s also particularly good for travel vlogging because it is great for getting a large scene in shot easily – whether that be a large mountain scene or a beautiful lake.

Being able to zoom in to 35mm also gives it versatility because it allows you to get closer to some subjects when you don’t want a super wide angle.

The only reason you wouldn’t want this lens is if you are recording or taking photos of nature where the subject is far away.

Think of a deer in the distance or a bird high in the sky that you need to zoom in on.

But then again, those aren’t typical vlogging shots apart from being used as supplementary shots in b-roll footage.

If you also want to become a travel vlogger then you can’t really go wrong with this lens. 

What Microphone Does Eva zu Beck Use? 

As a YouTuber, she needs to have the best possible audio for her videos. 

For the best audio quality, Eva zu Beck uses the Sony ECM-B1M microphone on her Sony A7iii. 

What Drone Does Eva zu Beck Use?

The DJI Mavic 3 Classic is Eva’s drone which she uses for any aerial footage in her videos. 

As a vlogger, it’s not essential to have a drone, but they can definitely add something special to videos. 

What Action Cam Does Eva zu Beck Use?

She uses the GoPro HERO 10 for any shots where the main camera can’t be used.

For example, the GoPro would be used for underwater shots and if you want to strap it to a moving vehicle for a different perspective. 

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