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Battery Life Comparison For The Canon G7X, G7X Mark II and G7X Mark III

What Battery Does the Canon G7X Series Use? 

The Canon G7X uses the Canon NB-13L battery pack.

The NB-13L battery pack is a lithium-ion (Li-ion) rechargeable battery. The G7X Mark II and G7X Mark III also use the same NB-13L battery.

There are also third party alternative versions of the NB-13L and associated battery chargers which tend to be more affordable.

Below is an example of the Canon branded NB-13L battery pack as well as some third party alternatives which come with a charger. 

The official charger for the Canon NB-13L battery pack is the CB-2LH charger by Canon.

Even though the Canon G7X , G7X Mark II and the G7X Mark III all use the same NB-13L battery, the battery life for each of them is slightly different. 

This is because the power usage varies between the 3 cameras. 

See the table further below for the specifics on how long the battery lasts for a G7X, G7X Mark II and a G7X Mark III.

The figures assume you are using the official Canon NB-13L battery pack.

Battery Life Comparison Table for G7X, G7X Mark II and G7X Mark III

SpecificationCanon Powershot G7 XCanon Powershot G7 X Mark IICanon Powershot G7 X Mark III
Battery TypeNB-13LNB-13LNB-13L
Battery ChargerCB-2LHCB-2LHCB-2LH
Number of shots~ 210 shots~ 265~ 235
Number of shots (ECO mode)~ 310 shots~ 355~ 320
Movie recording *1~ 40 mins~ 55 mins~ 55 mins
Movie recording 2*~ 1 Hour 10 mins~ 1 hour 30 mins~ 1 hour 30 mins
Playback time*3~ 4 hours~ 5 hours~ 5 hours
Charging time*42 hours 10 mins2 hours 10 mins2 hours 10 mins
USB Charging?NoYesYes
*1 : Total time when shooting repeatedly under the following conditions:
 - In [ AUTO ] mode, with all other settings set to defaults
 - With recording, stopping, zooming, and turning the camera on and off
*2 : Total time when shooting repeatedly under the following conditions:
 - In [ AUTO ] mode, with all other settings set to defaults
 - Automatically stop/resume after the time or capacity per recording is reached
*3 : Time when playing back a slideshow of still images.
*4 : Charging time for the NB-13L using the CB-2LH battery charger


The number of shots and recording times suggested above are based on standardized tests using the CIPA (Camera & Imaging Products Association) rating.

CIPA ratings aren’t always the best indicator of practical use as they follow specific guidelines which may not be typical of every individual.

Due to this, the CIPA battery life ratings should be used as guidelines rather than concrete truth.

You may get less use out of the batteries than what is stated in the table above.

On the other hand, you may also get more life out of your battery than the CIPA specifications above.

The amount of shots you can get out of your battery will depend on things like how much you spend zooming, reviewing images, using flash and the temperature of the environment that you are shooting in.

Which Is The Best For Battery Life Out Of The G7X , G7X Mark II and G7X Mark III?

You can see from the table above that even though they all use the same NB-13L battery, the battery life does differ.

Overall the G7X Mark II has the best rated battery life out of the three Canon G7X models.

Do I Need More Than One Battery For a G7X, G7X Mark II , G7X Mark III?

Regardless of which G7X model you have or are planning to get, you will want at least one replacement battery with you at all times.

You don’t want to run out of power in the middle of recording a video.

If you are going to be shooting several hours of video everyday then you will probably want a minimum of 3 batteries in total.

Check out the following article about USB charging with the different G7X models where we also go through how you can charge the G7X Mark II and G7X Mark III using a USB.

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